'Couples Therapy' Recap: Tyler Needs to Help Catelynn Forgive Herself

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Couples TherapyFrom the first time we saw them way back on 16 & Pregnant, it seemed like Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were made for each other. Now we have confirmation! This week's Couples Therapy put the celebrities through a compatibility test with the help of OKCupid to see if they're really meant to be with their partners.

The biggest surprise came for Flavor Flav and girlfriend Elizabeth Trujillo, who have been the most embattled couple on the third season of the VH1 series. They scored the highest on the test with a 91 percent compatibility rating. Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis and girlfriend Abbey Wilson got the lowest.

So where did the Teen Mom pair fall?


Catelynn and Tyler were right in the middle with an 87 percent. Setting love aside, the test showed they were a 77 percent match as just friends too.

It's a score the OKCupid rep called "very good."

But the numbers weren't all on the young couple's side tonight.

Celebrity therapist Dr. Jenn Berman also challenged the couples to come up with a rating of how much they trust their partners.

For Catelynn, that's a 100 -- the only 100 that came out of the group. She trusts Tyler implicitly.

Tyler, on the other hand, rated his trust of his fiancee at just 65 percent!

Why so low? Tyler says it's because Cate has lied to him in the past, and during last week's emotional episode, she admitted doing just that.

As he explained tonight:

I don't cheat; I don't lie ... It's hard to understand how can be so 100 percent committed and still be betrayed.

Poor Tyler! But considering Catelynn explained she was raised by her mom to lie for her and was willing to lay her issues from her past on the line, it seems she's really working hard to change that.

And she's even harder on herself than Tyler is, maybe a little too hard.

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He's a nice guy and he seems like a great fiance, but Catelynn is obviously willing to shoulder all the blame for things that go wrong in their relationship, and that's not fair to her. Even nice guys aren't perfect.

Tyler needs to be able to trust her, but he also has to recognize that she's putting enough pressure on herself. He can back off a little bit! Maybe help her build herself back up so she doesn't feel like she has to like to make people happy?

Catelynn and Tyler both seem like great kids, and they've done such an amazing job jumping over obstacles that they should both be proud of themselves, Catelynn included.

It was good to see Dr. Berman remind her that there are always times where you "f--k up," and you need to be a little kinder to yourself. Now if only she'll take it to heart!

Do you think Catelynn is too hard on herself? What could Tyler do to make things better?


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