‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Is Getting Rid of the Only Cast Member Who Matters

mama elsaIt's a dark day in Miami -- one of the cast members has confirmed that she's no longer a regular on The Real Housewives of Miami. Marysol Patton will be featured as a friend of the cast, much like Kim D. is on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Marysol told Radar Online that she thinks Bravo's decision to transfer her from full-time to part-time was smart -- she agrees that there were too many cast members last season, which made it difficult for the viewer to become attached to any.

It's as wonderful as it is shocking that Marysol's taking the "demotion" so graciously, but ... five words, a bunch of syllables: WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH MAMA ELSA.


Marysol's mother Elsa is the reason people watch The Real Housewives of Miami. The Jabba the Hutt, wine guzzling psychic is the show's lynch pin. Without her, the series will collapse into a pile of non-biodegradable silicon implants and a bunch of overly-whitened teeth.

Because if Marysol's role is being pared down, Elsa's will be too, and that's just not good for anyone. We need Elsa. The Real Housewives need Elsa. Miami needs Elsa.

Season 3 hits the air August 12 ... maybe by then Bravo will right their wrong and announce that Marysol and Elsa have their own show. Perhaps a road-trip series, Oprah-Gayle style is in order.

I can see Elsa learning to pump gas now ...

Will you miss Marysol and Elsa on the RHOM?


Photo via bravotv.com

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