Brandi Glanville's Nasty One Night Stand With John Kerwin Keeps Getting Nastier

Brandi GlanvilleHave you been keeping up with this mess between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and TV talk show host John Kerwin with whom she had a one-night stand? For something that should have been kept between the two of them and gone away after that one night, it's combusted into an all out feud between Kerwin and Brandi's camp. And Brandi doesn't really need another feud what with the LeAnn Rimes one taking up so much of her time.

It started last week when Kerwin way overstepped the bounds of what's cool and spilled details of what he says went down one night last December between them (basically that she was all over him begging for sex and he was a gentleman, and sent her to the guest room). He was mad that she didn't tell him she has the HPV virus (it's is in her book), which is understandable, but still, what he did was just a desperate and low ploy for some attention.

Today, Brandi's rep fired back at him in an official statement.


It’s unfortunate John Kerwin’s parents never taught him how to act like a gentleman. Perhaps when he learns how to show respect toward other people he will be more successful, both personally and professionally.

Kerwin jumped at the chance to respond and shot back:

Brandi has HPV and didn't tell me. Luckily, I stopped after she performed oral sex. If you study Brandi's history, it becomes clear that she's far from a lady.

He followed that douchey comment with:

I told Brandi how lucky she is, as MY mother had recently passed away. Brandi was so self-involved, she just nodded and then showed me a picture on her cell phone of the artwork from her upcoming book cover.

Thankfully, Brandi herself hasn't gotten involved personally, which would just escalate things further. Via Twitter, she stated her desire to just move on, "Let's all block and not respond to the pyscho guy I went on one date with a year and a half ago. BLOCK & don't MENTION on my Timeline thanks."

I think we shouldn't mention him anywhere ever again. Clearly he sees this as an opportunity to get his name in the headlines, where he usually isn't. Unfortunately for him, it's for such a slimy, classless reason, it's not going to do him any good. Go away, now.

Do you think John Kerwin is out of line or does Brandi deserve it?


Image via Bravo

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