'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Makes the Best Decision of Her Life

Jenelle EvansCould it be? Is Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans actually clean and sober? Get your markers and calendars ready, folks, because it seems our favorite scandal-plagued reality star might be on the straight and narrow!

Since her April arrest for heroin, Evans has been telling the world that she's off the H and really trying to turn her life around. Pictures of her working out with new boyfriend Nathan Griffith show a Jenelle dedicated to a healthy body. But what about that pesky addiction to marijuana?


The way Jenelle tells it, she quit smoking pot two whole weeks ago! And although she's said that before, having cut out all marijuana usage so she could pass her drug tests while she was on probation, this time Jenelle says she's quit weed "for good."

Some fans are skeptical, and to be fair, Jenelle's myriad arrests have given them a reason to be.

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But if you know anything about addiction, you know slip-ups are part of the game. What's also part of the game is finding the will to move on, to stay on the wagon, and to make a commitment to bettering yourself.

For all intents and purposes, Jenelle seems to be doing that. She is working out regularly. She's spending time with her son (according to her Twitter account, she just took Jace to see Monsters University ... and yes, there's photo evidence of the two of them together to back it up). And she's making very public statements about steering clear of illicit drugs.

If it's true, this is a GOOD thing for Jenelle Evans. We should be happy for her.

So are you? Do you think Jenelle can kick her drug habit once and for all?


Image via Instagram

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