'Real Housewives of Orange County' 100th Episode Recap: 5 Crazy Revelations

Slade Smiley and Joe De La RosaIt was kind of a bummer tuning in to Real Housewives of Orange County tonight. We were hoping to see Tamra Barney try on wedding dresses and Vicki Gunvalson react to the news that Brooks Ayers has supposedly been cheating on her with a stripper/porn star. Instead we got the 100th Anniversary Special for the entire two hours.

Despite the initial disappointment, however, it turned out to be a trippy ride down memory lane -- can you believe it's been seven years since we first heard of Housewives?! And oh, how things have changed ... and stayed the same. The ladies seem as dumbstruck as the rest of us as to why they've become such a phenomenon, but here they are. They talked the ups, downs, learnings, and laments they have. Here were five of the biggest takeaways.


1. Slade Smiley realizes he looked like a douchebag on camera

I think he's under the impression that he no longer does, but at least there's a smidge of self awareness there. His most embarrassing moment: "I would say that the most embarrassing moment, I guess, would be the cock in the sock -- spray-tan episode." How could we have forgotten?

2. Jo De La Rosa still holds a grudge against Gretchen

While she said she'll always care about Slade, she says Gretchen broke the "girl code."

3. Jo De La Rosa needs to come back RHOC

With the aforementioned feud, how great would it be to have her back in the mix. Plus, she's fun, young, and would drive the other ladies wild. Bring her back, Andy!

4. Vicki Gunvalson thinks she's responsible for all of the Real Housewives success

We knew she thought it, but hearing her say it out loud was a little crazy. "Without me ... there wouldn't be a Real Housewives franchise," she said.

5. The show is much, much better now that they've moved away from the Sky tops

Those flashbacks to the gaudy, bright, bejeweled, boob-exposing blouses were painful to watch. I'd almost erased them from my memory.

Here's to 100 more episodes!

Did you watch the 100th episode special? What were your favorite moments? Do you think there will be 100 more episodes?


Image via Bravo

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