‘Bachelorette’ Couple Makes Fun of Baby North West Because They’re Just Jealous

jp and ashleyBachelorette Ashley Hebert married her reality TV prince charming J.P. Rosenbaum last year and so far, there's been no news of a baby on the way. Ashley's reportedly focused on finishing up her dental residency before she pops one out, but that hasn't stopped J.P. from talking baby names. The good looking bald-headed man recently tweeted what he'd like to name their future daughter and whoa, look out Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Baby North West is going to have some serious name competition.


J.P. shared:

@ashhebert what do you think about naming our future baby Magnetic North. #OneUpper & so much cooler than North West (or is it Northwest?)

Magnetic North has a nice ring to it, even if it is, you know, polarizing.

Nailed it.

Thing is, though, anyone who's familiar with the Bachelorette couple knows that there's no way in hell these two are naming their baby anything that isn't 100 percent traditional. That's not to say that the name will be boring, but I'd bet on Chris Harrison's life that it's not a "made-up" name like North, or Apple, or Pilot Inspektor.

And who knows, maybe J.P. is just jealous that Kim and Kanye have the courage to name their baby something so ... unique. Yeah, that's it, J.P.'s jealous.

Ashley responded that nothing can beat the baby names they already have picked out, so maybe, just maybe there's a chance their kid will have some sort of out-of-box moniker.

Perhaps Homedate Hebert-Rosenbaum? Or Final Rose Hebert-Rosebaum?

Hmm, J.P. might have been onto something with his Magnetic North idea ...

What do you think Ashley and J.P. should name their kid?


Photo via JP Rosenbaum/Twitter

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