'Walking Dead' Season 4 Preview Event May Answer Our Biggest Questions

Good news, Walking Dead fans! While we wait impatiently for our favorite zombie show to come back on the air, there's a special season 4 preview event coming up. Starting on Thursday July 4 and going straight through until the 7th, AMC will be doling out a Deadapalooza in anticipation of the upcoming premiere.

Executive Producer Greg Nicotero has teased that the new season is "bigger than any script we've done before," and I think I can speak for all of us when I say OKAY GREAT BUT WHEN EXACTLY IN OCTOBER WILL IT START? Hopefully, that's one of the questions that will be answered during this preview weekend.


AMC hasn't released any specifics about the event yet, but here's what they did in 2012: over the course of two days, they ran all 19 episodes from the series' first seasons, wrapping with a live Talking Dead special. Talking Dead's host Chris Hardwick also debuted a never-before-seen black and white version of The Walking Dead pilot episode, and set up each episode with cast interviews and other unique content:

Hardwick will introduce each episode from the set of season three in Atlanta, giving viewers a glimpse of the new sets. Along with several cast members and producers, he will set up the storyline from each episode, and discuss the classic moments and unique characters featured. In addition, every episode with be wrapped with exclusive character and scene-specific content from the first two seasons, including behind-the-scenes footage and sit-down interviews with the cast.

This time around it sounds like Kevin Smith is on tap for hosting at least some of the event, and since AMC has expanded it to four solid days I'm guessing they'll not only run all episodes to date, but include plenty of teasery details for season 4.

Like maybe a premiere date? Or even better, a full-length trailer for season 4?

I can't wait to see what AMC dishes out. They always manage to keep fan interest levels high, like with this recent Greg Nicotero interview:

In the first episode this season, one of the guys in my crew was like, "You did every gag that you ever did in three years of 'The Walking Dead' in one episode." We had walkers. We had mummified corpses. We had puppets. We had zombie bites ... There was even a couple of gags that we came up with on the fly -- there was a couple of sculptures that my guys in Los Angeles had done and I said, "Oh yeah, that's a great walker." Where people are like, "What are the iconic walkers for season four going to be?" I'm like, "Well, you'll just have to see!"

Plus, this intriguing tidbit from props master John Sanders:

My favorite (weapon) will be this season. I've been waiting for two years, trying to talk to Greg Nicotero about doing this to a walker, and he saw it this year and just jumped on it. I can't really tell you what it is, but I can tell you it's going to be the craziest thing on the show, yet. What I can say is that walkers are going to get killed in newer ways this year than any other year before.

Will you be checking AMC's Walking Dead season 4 preview event?

Image via AMC

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