Sneak Peek of Desiree Hartsock's Date From Hell Is Almost Painful to Watch

Desiree HartsockWow. Holy uncomfortable. Wait until you see this video preview of tonight's Bachelorette episode, where Desiree Hartsock appears to have the most hellish and awkward two-on-one date in the history of the entire show.

(Did you watch it? OMG. Horrendous.)

Ok, to be fair, most of the two-on-ones on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are pretty embarrassing -- but the exchange that goes down between Ben and Michael is just plain ridiculous. Yes, I said Ben and Michael. Notice how I didn't mention anything about Desiree? Yeah, that's because these two dudes barely seem to realize that she's sitting at the dinner table with them.


Um, being that there's a rose up for grabs on the two-on-one dates and all -- don't you think these guys would use their time wisely to try and woo Des instead of picking each other apart and fighting like a couple of school kids on the playground?

Because that's exactly what Ben and Michael sound like in that preview. Can you even believe that Michael scolds Ben for not attending church services on Easter? Who is he -- his mother? And how about Ben excusing himself from the table because he can't seem to take the heat -- what's up with that? Sure, I guess it's on the classy side that he wants to avoid confrontation, but Des strikes me as the type who digs a man who is willing to fight for her.

Ugh. After seeing how poorly these two clowns handle themselves, it's no wonder Desiree may send both Michael and Ben home on the two-on-one instead of giving one of them that highly coveted rose.

But if she does wind up choosing to give one of them another chance, I'm guessing it will be Ben. Typically whoever is bold enough to call out one of the other men in the house and try and expose him as a fraud to The Bachelorette is the one who gets kicked to the curb. Seriously, do these dudes not watch the show at all before their seasons? The whole tattle-tale thing almost never pans out -- and it only makes whoever the rat is look like more of a loser than the guy he's trying to take out.

Do you think Des will send both guys home?


Image via ABC

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