'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Scott Disick Has a Heart After All

Scott Disick and Josie LangsdorfWe've all cringed at and criticized Scott Disick plenty over the years for his boorish, creepy, narcissistic (etc.) behavior, but tonight on KUWTK, he did good. Really good.

An Ohio woman named Josie Langsdorf was dying of cancer, and for some reason, one of the greatest wishes on her bucket list was to meet Lord Disick himself. He was reluctant to go and admitted he didn't like to be around sick people, but he didn't want to deny a dying woman's wish. So he went, and it was amazing -- for Josie and her friends and family, but even more so for Scott.

Josie was incredible and had such an amazing spirit despite the fate she'd been dealt. Scott, who admitted that his own father has been sick for years, seemed deeply impacted by the event. “I came into this situation thinking it would be extremely sad ... but it’s really the opposite," he said. "I’m more thankful to have met her than she is to meet me.”


When he gave her one of his Rolex watches, it seemed to be a truly heartfelt gesture from him. We knew there had to be a reason Kourtney loves him buried in there somewhere. The whole thing was actually quite inspiring in a way KUWTK almost never is.

The other big, but boring, topic was Bruce Jenner and his hearing. Worry about a possible brain tumor was proven needless, and now it's on to hearing aids for him. I'm glad he's okay, but we really did not need to witness that whole process.

The prank the kids were pulling on Kris Jenner was hysterical though. They kept calling her saying they were a family friend named Todd Kraines. Kris knew it wasn't the real Todd, but had no idea who was calling and sending her things. It had been going on for months, and she still has no clue. How that's possible when Kim was completely losing it as she described all the weird incidents, I don't know, but she may be as gullible as they say. I can't wait to see how she reacts when she finds out it's them.

Did you find Scott's visit with Josie inspirational? Were you surprised he'd do something like that?


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