Kate Middleton & Princess Diana Fashion Faceoff Reveals Their Shockingly Similar Style (PHOTOS)

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Jun 21, 2013 TV
Kate Middleton & Princess Diana Fashion Faceoff Reveals Their Shockingly Similar Style (PHOTOS)

princess diana kate middletonEver since she became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been compared to Prince William's late mother, Princess Diana. And let's be honest, there are some striking similarities -- particularly when it comes to fashion.

No, Kate doesn't wear giant 80s-esque shoulder pads as Diana did on occasion (thankfully), but the overall basics of the two womens' wardrobes really are quite similar. Check out a fashion comparison of Princess Diana and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Prepare to be stunned.

Images via David Cannon/WPA Pool/Getty

  • Princess Diana: Amazing in a Red Blazer


    David Cannon/Getty

    Princess Diana always looked amazing in solid colors -- and she loved a structured blazer. This red, boxy jacket was quintessential Diana. Gorgeous.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge: Amazing in a Red Blazer


    WPA Pool/Getty


    Kate, like Diana, looks stunning in a fitted red blazer. Hers isn't quite as structured as Diana's, but it's certainly tailored to perfection.

  • Princess Diana: Gorgeous in a Black Gown


    WPA Pool/Getty


    Diana's famed black gown. Stunning. Perfection. And couldn't imagine it in another color.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge: Gorgeous in a Black Gown


    WPA Pool/Getty


    The gown Kate Middleton chose to wear for the Sun Military Awards in December 2011 was reminiscent of Diana's famed black dress. It's sexy, eye-catching, and, of course, in understated black.

  • Princess Diana: Beauty in a Patterned V-Neck Dress




    You could probably put this dress on Kate Middleton and it would suit her perfectly. Both royal ladies love a v-neck, knee-length, patterned dress.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge: Beauty in a Patterned V-Neck Dress


    Danny Martindale/Getty


    Different pattern, but same exact style dress.

  • Princess Diana: Mad for Plaid




    Princess Diana occasionally tapped into her preppy side, opting for plaids.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge: Mad for Plaid


    WPA Pool/Getty


    The Duchess also goes for plaids on occasion. Quintessential Brit.

  • Princess Diana: White Suit With a Hat




    It doesn't really get more 80s than this, but Kate did wear an updated version of Lady Di's white suit and hat combo...

  • The Duchess of Cambridge: White Suit With a Hat


    WPA Pool/Getty


    Kate went with pops of red instead of black (and ditched the butterfly collar), but same general idea. And just as gorgeous.

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