Stars of 'Teen Mom' Flaunt Their Post-Baby Bikini Bodies Fabulously (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Jun 20, 2013 TV

Teen Mom bikini bodiesSummer has officially arrived and you know what that means, right? Bathing suit season. Whether you're perfectly in shape or have a little extra lovin', slipping into a bikini is always a brave move. And when you're a Teen Mom, brave moves are what you're all about.

Our favorite MTV stars have no problem showing some skin ... and then appropriately posting pictures of it online for the world to see. I will say this: Having a kid and then rockin' a bikini that takes some serious guts. I have a tough enough time slipping into one myself!

Take a look at 7 Teen Mom rockin' bikini bods, here:

  • Maci Bookout


    Maci is super proud of her tattoos and has no problem showing 'em off. With a body like hers, she should! Plus, everything always looks better when you have a bronzed glow like hers.

  • Mackenzie Douthit


    I don't know what's cuter in this photo of Mackenzie Douthit, from Teen Mom 3: the pink searsucker bandeau she's wearing or her playful expression. And hello: she's BALANCING on a volleyball! Now that takes skill. 


  • Leah Calvert-Messer


    Leah rocked this bikini jetskiing with husband Jeremy a few weeks ago, just four months after giving birth. WOW -- she's looking amazing!

  • Kailyn Lowry


    Hello yellow bombshell! The yellow suit Kailyn is wearing is definitely flattering because of the bottoms. Full coverage? Yes please.

  • Alexandra Sekella


    Sure I love Teen Mom 3 star Alexandra's suit (and especially her saronge), but I what I love more is the caption she posted with this photo on her Instagram. "I may not be a size zero but I'm one proud momma." You go, girl!


  • Jenelle Evans


    Whoa whoa whoa! Jenelle has NO shame getting down in her bikini and flaunting her tattoos. That neon is a bold choice, one I'm sure new boyfriend Nathan Griffith totally loves.

  • Farrah Abraham


    Ohhhhh Farrah. While I love to rag on the Backdoor Teen Mom star for her questionable choices, she does look amazing in a bikini. In fact, I think we've seen Farrah out and about lately wearing more bikinis than regular items of clothing, no? My guess is Farrah's personal motto is "if you've got it (or bought it), flaunt it."

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