'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert Shares Baby Adalynn With the World (VIDEO)

Leah Messer CalvertThe last time we saw Leah Messer Calvert on TV, she was a mom of two. These days the Teen Mom 2 star is a busy mom and three, but not so busy that she couldn't take some time to do what every new mom should: grab some video new baby Adalynn doing her thing.

The infant daughter of Leah and husband Jeremy Calvert showed up on Vine this week. It's short, but it's oh so sweet: 



I told you it was short. Maybe a bit too short for us fans. We did get to see that though she's their half sister, Adalynn is every bit as cute as big siblings Aleeah and Aliannah isn't she?!

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The stars of Teen Mom have been so lucky to have video scrapbooks so to speak of their babies when they were young thanks to MTV. With the rumors going back and forth over whether or not we WILL get another season of Teen Mom 2, whether Leah will have the same for little Adalynn is anyone's guess.

So she's smart to do this ... and other moms should take heed.

No  matter how short, the ability to grab these little videos of our babies is such a wonderful advantage for new moms these days. I don't care how cliched it sounds, babies grow SO fast! Before you know it, that adorable, gurgling and rolling around is replaced by walking and talking. And then running!

Have you made videos like Leah's yet?


Image via MTV

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