'Teen Mom' Ryan Edwards' Love for Maci Is All a Show

Maci BookoutThe love fest between Maci Bookout and her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Ryan Edwards continues on Twitter. Ryan tweeted that he's thankful for Maci in his life, and she's right up there with his mom and dad and Bentley. Pretty high praise, right? And yet ... why was this not something he displayed earlier? 

Ryan is no angel when it comes to Maci even if he plays one on Twitter. Even up until the end of the final season, Ryan was being difficult and making things very hard for his once girlfriend and the mother of his son Bentley. He IS lucky to have her and so is Bentley. She does a lot of good for their son and Bentley is growing up really well.

Ryan knows how to play his cards. He knows from experience that he gets hated when he is mean to Maci (does anyone remember the early deadbeat episodes?), so now he is super nice. On Twitter. But what about in real life?


Call me cynical, but I think the new and improved Ryan is a complete faker. I don't buy his "sweet" act for a second.

Ryan made no secret about not wanting to be a dad at first. He treated Maci badly. He gave her a hard time when she moved in with Kyle and when she sent Bentley to preschool and when she had child support issues.

If he were REALLY appreciative and not just wanting to look good on social media, he would treat her better in person.

It's all very good and sweet for Bentley that these two get along, and hell, I would love to see them get back together as much as anyone. But let's not kid ourselves and pretend like they are this happy in person.

The drama you saw on MTV wasn't entirely made up for TV. Some of it was very real, indeed, and Ryan still has a lot to apologize for.

Do you think Ryan is sincerely all about Maci now?


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