'Bachelorette' Recap: Desiree Makes a Sacrifice That Changes Everything

Desiree HartsockWow. Did things get a little serious on tonight's episode of The Bachelorette or what? (Other than the whole Mr. America pageant, that is. Eye roll.)

We might as well just go ahead and forget about what happened on the first half of the show. Because honestly, all that's truly worth discussing tonight is Desiree Hartsock and James' date witnessing the devastation of the Jersey shore that came as a result of Hurricane Sandy's wrath.


No matter how much we heard on the news about what exactly happened to the community of Seaside Heights, nothing really prepares you for seeing the damage up close and personal -- especially when you meet a couple like Manny and Jan who lost everything.

And whether or not Des planned to give up her date with James so that this beautiful couple could enjoy a wonderful anniversary date before she actually met them is beside the point. I don't care what anyone says, her gesture was warm, selfless, and really spoke volumes about her character (to the point where I think I like her a whole lot more than I did when her season initially started).

OMG. How adorable were Manny and Jan on their date? They have a bond that most people can only dream of having. Seeing them together really kind of put the whole purpose of Des' journey for love into perspective.

And that's why it really didn't shock me at all that Des chose to give James a rose even after he admitted that he cheated in a past relationship. (He was in college, for crying out loud. Who doesn't do stupid stuff in college?)

Had they not had such an emotional date, I highly doubt she would've kept him around -- because she would've been too focused on the cheating to appreciate the fact that he was being honest with her. Along with sacrificing her date, she also threw out any preconceived notions she had about what constitutes trust in a relationship.

But let's hope for her sake, James really is as genuine as he came off tonight. The previews for next week's show make him look like kind of a d-bag. Ugh.

Des is definitely getting into the process and letting go of any inhibitions she may have. But will opening her heart and trusting these dudes fully wind up being the worst mistake she ever made?

Only time will tell. And I can't wait to see what kind of drama unfolds in Munich next week. Something tells me we're in for a real treat with the Germany episode.

Were you moved when Des and James gave up their date?


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