'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Unveils Jewelry Line That's as Sparkly as Her Eye Makeup

chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska has been teasing us with a "secret project" for weeks, and now she's finally unveiled it. Houska has launched a website, Chelsea's Choices, in which she sells jewelry. Cool story. Chelsea, who seems to have a love for all things girly and frilly, currently has two necklaces for sale on the site, and while the accessories aren't my style exactly, they're kind of cute.


Here's one of the necklaces:


A little too ... sparkly and heart-y for my taste, but I kind of like the idea of a ring inside a necklace charm. It's different. If this was gold instead of silver, didn't have crystals and hearts, and came with a different chain, I'd be all over this bad boy. And I think this is a good thing for Chelsea to get into; it's sort of a fun way to make money. And it's better than a sex tape.

According to the site, Chelsea, Aubree, and her team "are scouring the globe to find the most exciting pieces and bring them to you directly, cutting out the middleman. A stunning way for you to get the greatest designs from Europe and Asia at great prices!" I like it. But my only complaint thus far is -- where's the rest of the stuff? What kind of scouring went on if only two necklaces are featured on the site? We want more, Chelsea! And how about throwing in some rings and a bracelet? Our jewelry boxes can't subsist on necklaces and necklaces alone!

Congrats, Chelsea on your latest biznass endeavor. Good luck to you and Aubree. We'll be checking back often to see what else you've got!

What do you think of the necklaces?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Twitter

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