'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Scare Made Her Want to 'Slit Her Throat'

Kim KardashianWith the big news of Kim Kardashian's baby girl being born yesterday (squee!), tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians wasn't as hard to watch as it may have been otherwise. In it we saw Kim have a huge pregnancy scare, and it was comforting knowing that both mom and baby are now fine. But what a scare!

It started when Kris Jenner got a call from Khloe telling her that Kim had just landed and was in some major pain. She was headed straight to the doctor, and Kris met her there. Kim was worried she was in labor and told her mom she was crying during the whole flight. "I just don't understand," she told her. "It hurts so bad."


Seeing the baby's heartbeat at least eased their worries a bit, but the pain didn't subside. At one point she said, “If labor’s worse than this, I’ll hang myself. I’ll literally take a knife and slit my throat.” So it must have been bad.

After appendicitis was thankfully ruled out, she was diagnosed with a stomach infection. Some antibiotics and rest instead of surgery were a much better option.

Still there was the stress of her marriage to Kris Humphries that just wouldn't end. She so badly wanted it to be over before the baby arrived. It was interesting to hear her say how much she wanted to run into Kris at the deposition. She told her friend Lala:

I just wanna say to him, "It never had to get like this. I loved you, I still do. You were a big part of my life. We never should have rushed into it. It doesn’t mean we still can’t be friends."

Not thinking the friends thing is going to happen EVER, but it's a nice thought. She missed her chance though, as he wasn't there at the deposition. At least we know she got her greatest wish as their divorce was finalized earlier this month -- before the little princess was born. Phew. Think The Humps will send a baby gift?

Are you surprised that Kim Kardashian still wants to be friends with Kris Humphries?

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