Farrah Abraham’s Howard Stern Interview Reveals Her Self-Love Knows No Bounds (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham went on the Howard Stern radio show this morning to talk about her Backdoor porn debut, and as expected, the reality star put her foot in her mouth more than a few times. Even after Howard's sidekick J.D. said to her face that she and her lies are everything that's wrong with pop culture, Farrah stuck to her guns and insisted the porn was a sex tape illegally released by James Deen, then went on to blame the media for the attention she gets, claiming she asks for none of it, and then, THEN, she reveals that she masturbates to her own porn video.


Just when you thought Farrah's narcissism couldn't get any more intense, she goes and says she touches herself while watching herself.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but here's a thought -- is Farrah just saying she whacks off to her own adult film to stick with the story that she made the tape for "personal use"?

Even though I've so far been very impressed with Farrah's ability to sell her lies, if only because I think she'd never, ever tell the truth, even if her feet were held in boiling oil and someone threatened to remove her breast implants with a rusty knife, I don't think this was part of the spin -- I think she really DOES watch her own adult film to get in the mood, or whatever.

Because there's no one Farrah loves more than herself. No one.

Watch Farrah on Stern:

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