'Walking Dead': 8 Gruesome Character Deaths & What the Actors Are Doing Now

Linda Sharps | Jun 11, 2013 TV

Walking DeadI'm pretty sure Game of Thrones wins for being the television show most likely to send your jaw crashing to the floor with its unexpected character deaths, but The Walking Dead must be running a close second. Even fans of the comics can't be sure who's safe, because the show has deviated from the original story on plenty of occasions. Some characters I was glad to see go, others felt like a major loss -- but each and every death came with its own unique OMFG moment. (No one on The Walking Dead ever, like, peacefully dies in their sleep, you know?)

If you've ever wondered what happened to some of the familiar faces who kicked the bucket on The Walking Dead, check out this spoiler-iffic list of the 8 most HOLY SHIT deaths to date -- and what the actors are up to now.

Images via AMC

  • Sophia


    The storyline for Carol's missing daughter Sophia (Madison Lintz) drove me nuts during the first half of the second season, but the writers finally put a merciful bullet in that dreary plot when it was revealed that she'd been in Hershel's zombie barn all along. When she finally emerged after Shane forced open the barn, Rick shot her in the head.

    Madison Lintz -- who is far more adorable when she's not zombified -- was on Nashville in 2012, and went on to star in the 2012 family movie Parental Guidance.

  • Dale


    Oh, DALE. I was so sad when he met his grisly end, disemboweled by the walker Carl had attracted from a nearby swamp. Daryl did him a great act of kindness by shooting him, which stopped his pain and ensured he wouldn't reanimate.

    Jeffrey DeMunn played Chief Justice Ryvlan on The Good Wife this year, and he's also been cast as Hal Morrison in Lost Angels, a TNT pilot created by the original Walking Dead showrunner, Frank Darabont.

  • Shane


    TV Shane lived WAY longer than Comics Shane, but finally met his end when he and Rick had a long-coming showdown resulting in Rick stabbing him in the chest. Shane re-animated (Jenner's theory that everyone's infected was right!), and Carl put him down for the second time with a well-aimed bullet.

    Jon Bernthal is also going to be in Darabont's Lost Angels, and he's cast as a drug dealer in the Martin Scorsese-directed The Wolf of Wall Street, which hits theaters on November 15.

  • T-Dog


    T-Dog (IronE Singleton) died a hero: he was bitten by a walker while preventing additional zombies from entering the prison, then sacrificed himself to allow Carol escape from the zombie-choked cellblock.

    Singleton is co-starring in a 2013 mystery movie titled A Box for Rob.

  • Merle


    Michael Rooker's Merle Dixon briefly served as the Governor's right-hand man in Woodbury, but was ultimately shot by his former leader, who left him for Daryl to discover. Tragically, the younger Dixon had to re-kill his own zombified brother.

    Rooker will be playing Chief Carver in the upcoming revenge film Brother's Keeper.

  • Milton


    Poor Milton (Dallas Roberts) got stabbed to death by the Governor and left to turn into a zombie and thus kill Andrea. Although YAY FOR BITING ANDREA! (Just me?)

    Roberts will be in the upcoming AIDS drama Dallas Buyers Club, which stars a frighteningly skinny Matthew McConaughey.

  • Andrea


    GOD I was sick of Andrea (Laurie Holden), but even so, her death was pretty sad. In the Governor's torture chamber, she ultimately shot herself in the head using Rick's gun in order to prevent her own zombificaton from Milton's savage bite.

    It isn't clear what Holden's up to these days -- as of March, she told reporters, "Legally, I haven’t been able to procure work. Come Monday, I am a free agent. I’m excited about the future and I’m looking forward to the next chapter."

  • Lori


    Last but most definitely not least, Rick's wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies). Who I really hated, but wow, what a tragic death scene. She died during childbirth, with her son Carl responsible for delivering the bullet that prevented her re-animating. Later, a zombie ate her, hair and all.

    Last year Callies wrapped her first action movie, Black Sky, which documents the events and aftermath of a devastating tornado. It's set to be released in 2013.