'Walking Dead': 8 Gruesome Character Deaths & What the Actors Are Doing Now

Walking DeadI'm pretty sure Game of Thrones wins for being the television show most likely to send your jaw crashing to the floor with its unexpected character deaths, but The Walking Dead must be running a close second. Even fans of the comics can't be sure who's safe, because the show has deviated from the original story on plenty of occasions. Some characters I was glad to see go, others felt like a major loss -- but each and every death came with its own unique OMFG moment. (No one on The Walking Dead ever, like, peacefully dies in their sleep, you know?)

If you've ever wondered what happened to some of the familiar faces who kicked the bucket on The Walking Dead, check out this spoiler-iffic list of the 8 most HOLY SHIT deaths to date -- and what the actors are up to now.

Images via AMC