'Teen Mom' Star Lashes Out at Show's Fans


Jeremy Calvert Ali SimmsSome of the stars of Teen Mom 2 have such explosive personalities, it's almost expected that they'll blow up at fans once in awhile. But the latest freak-out comes from some place entirely unexpected: Leah Messer Calvert's husband Jeremy Calvert! The easy-going new dad might have quietly waited for Leah to figure out whether she wanted to be with him or ex-husband Corey Simms on-screen, but off-screen he's not afraid to go after the show's critics with both barrels.

In a recent Twitter rant, Jeremy had some pretty nasty things to say about people who don't like him ... and about people who watch the show!


The rant started last week after fans piled on Jeremy for tweeting about the possibility of MTV filming at a furniture store where he and Leah were buying a bed:

Too all u haters and dumb fucks out there go fuck off no one cares about you do all of us a favor and go play in traffic!

Not surprisingly, the comments didn't sit well with Teen Mom 2 watchers, one of whom reminded Jeremy that the people he refers to as "haters" are the reason the show exists, and the reason his family gets money from MTV.

Jeremy's response?

could careless

Well, well, well!

It's not that I'm exactly surprised. Jeremy was very vocal about Leah checking Twitter and getting upset over fans' criticisms during a recent finale special with Dr. Drew. He seemed -- at that point anyway -- to have a healthy sense of self and a decent understanding that there are some people who are going to hate you no matter what you do, and those people abound online. As someone who has worked in the public eye for well over a decade, the past five years of which were spent on the Internet, I can tell you that building a thick skin is the only way to survive.

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Still, there's a fine line between insulating yourself from critics and biting the hand that feeds you.

Although Jeremy is said to make a pretty good living as a pipeliner, enough to enable Leah to be a stay-at-home mom to their daughter Adalynn as well as her two daughters from her previous relationship, this small family has gotten a lot from being on MTV. They've been able to sell photos of their daughter to a big magazine, received paychecks that no doubt helped them pay their bills when Jeremy was laid off, and the network has reportedly set up accounts for his stepdaughters to tap into come college time. Not to mention Jeremy himself is likely bringing in an MTV paycheck.

He can hate the haters all he wants, but he may want to "care" at least a little bit about the people who help support his lifestyle.

What do you think of Jeremy's comments?


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