Single Dads Like 'Bachelorette' Ben Scott Need to Stop Bringing Their Sob Stories on the Show

Bachelor BenIt all started with Jason Mesnick. He was the first single dad on The Bachelor, the first to leave his family behind and try to get with a girl (Deanna Pappas). He was rejected but then became The Bachelor himself and led to an epidemic of single parents on the show.

It's hard to even count them all, but Desiree Hartsock's season is no different. We have Ben, the PSYCHOTIC freak who is following Des around, ticking the guys off left and right, and generally being a complete jerk. Then we have the dad who admitted that he once had a restraining order against him by his baby mama. Whether he is telling the truth or not, that is PURE sketch.

And then there was Brian's girlfriend who was ALSO a single mom, a fact that was played up to big drama (largely thanks to Brandon). Is anyone else just feeling like this whole single parent thing has jumped the shark?


It was a shock at first when Mesnick came on, but now we expect at least one or two single parents each season, and honestly, it has started to get a little ridiculous.

The single parent factor is played for MAXIMUM sympathy, which just feels tacky and wrong. Sad music plays when they discuss their children and the Bachelorette always coos at the idea. If they make it far, their kid is trotted out for dates and they have to talk about how important it is that their child like the person they are dating.

It's a tired shtick. One that needs to end. We have the sad music. We have the "I have a child" big reveal. We have the gasp of shock and then approval from the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. And then we have the sad eyes. "You must miss him so much."

"I do, I do. He's my world," says every single parent who has ever been on this show. Bo-RING.

These kids are being used and no actually decent parent would try to find love this way. Leaving your kid for weeks at a time to film a show where you MIGHT have a passing shot at love? Is that really appropriate?

Look, slamming single parents isn't the intention here. But the concept has jumped the shark. It's becoming predictable and boring at this point. Let's stop bringing in people with kids and start focusing on actually making actual, lasting love connections. The show seems to be struggling most in that department.

Do you think the single parent concept has jumped the shark?


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