'Mistresses' Recap: Can Savi's Confession Save Her Marriage?

savi harry talking mistresses abc I'm sure some people who aren't familiar with the original, U.K. version of the steamy series Mistresses, which made its premiere on ABC last week, hear the show's title and immediately think it's "glorifying," "glamorizing," or "celebrating" adultery. The answer to that is: No. Hell. NO. However, it does humanize what being cheated on or being driven to cheat is like -- something almost all of the female leads on the show are becoming uncomfortably familiar with at this point. 

For instance, last we saw Savi, she had just jumped her colleague Dominic ... in their law office, after a fight with her husband, Harry. "The Morning After" (the title of this week's episode, coincidentally), she's not gloating or even okay with what she's done. She's HORRIFIED and totally disillusioned with herself.


She even tells Karen that she doesn't feel like it was her 100 percent who cheated. She feels like it was only a part of her, and she wasn't even sure what drove her to it. Karen, being the psychiatrist, wants Savi to figure out the answers to those questions -- especially before even THINKING of confessing her betrayal to Harry.

I actually loved that Karen helped Savi put the brakes on telling Harry. At least at this point in the game, it just seems like it was a horrible misstep she doesn't plan to repeat ever again, so why throw her entire marriage under the bus for that? So, instead, she confesses to Harry that she's not as ready as she thought for a baby ... which actually felt as brutally honest as she could get without telling the whole truth

'Course, Savi looks like a total saint compared to April's late husband, Paul, who it's been revealed had a John Edwards-Rielle Hunter-esque secret life going on for years behind April's back. UGH! And now, Paul's mistress, Miranda, is in the picture -- for predictable reasons. She wants a piece of April's pie -- for herself and her son with Paul. Sadly, that whole mess doesn't make April exactly sympathetic when Savi confesses to her what she's done with Dominic. And yet she has no problem opening up to Karen, who was her now-deceased patient's mistress only months prior (and is now being investigated by the guy's insurance company and is also the object of her lover's son's affection). Ooookay.

Meanwhile, it was pretty clear from the mildly "Fifty Shades"-flavored moment they shared that Joss is laying the groundwork to start an affair with Alex, her client who is house-hunting with her girlfriend. It seems of all of them, Joss is least likely to have much guilt surrounding being "the other woman," but who knows ... That could blow up in her face just as easily as it's obvious Savi's and Karen's transgressions are bound to. Can't wait to see how it all goes down.

How did you feel about Savi holding back from telling Harry that she cheated? Why do you think April's not as bothered by Karen's situation as Savi's?

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