'Game of Thrones' Finale: What Songs Could Have Played During the Big Scenes (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones finaleGame of Thrones is one of those rare shows that has such a great opening sequence I watch it each and every time, thanks mostly to the theme song. Sure, there are the super-cool visuals that change based on the story, but it's really the music that I love so much I made it my ringtone. The musical elements that get woven into each show are equally amazing: witness the utterly unexpected sound of The Hold Steady's "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" that played after Jaimie's shocking injury in the "Walk of Punishment" episode, or the haunting perfection of the silence that ensued after the Red Wedding.

Setting my admiration for GoT's ACTUAL music aside, during last night's episode I kept thinking of completely ridiculous songs that could have accompanied the big moments of the finale. For instance:


When Jaimie returns to King's Landing and goes to see Cersei. And he looks like this:

And then he's like this:

"All of Me"

When Arya hears the Frey soldiers laughing about the Stark murders. And she's all,



When Jon Snow turns his back on Ygritte, saying he knows she won't hurt him. And she's like,

"Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)"

When the crowd of Yunkai begin shouting "mhysa! mhysa! mhysa!" at Daenerys.

And she's like,



When Theon's … uh, well. YOU know.

"Dick in a Box."

In conclusion, it's a damn good thing I'm not in charge of scoring the Game of Thrones episodes. Also, I'm totally going to have that last song in my head for like a month. Put your junk in that box, Theon.

Can you think of any other songs that could go with the finale?

Images via HBO

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