'Bachelorette' Bad Guy Ben Scott Will Do Just About Anything for Love

ben scott desiree hartsockOn tonight's episode of The Bachelorette, Ben Scott will most likely continue to be painted the villain, impinging on all the other guys' face-time with Desiree. But off-screen, the single dad continues to make his case for being on the show for all the "right reasons."

Speaking with the press recently, Ben argued that he's no player and didn't have some kind of malicious game plan to undermine the other guys' efforts. Instead, it's more that "some people decide to make judgments without really truly knowing somebody," he says. What's more, he definitely had his heart in exactly the right place.

Ben elaborated ...


I did come in with the idea that I am here 100 percent to find out if Desiree is the woman that I'm going to marry. I focused all my attention on trying to grow the relationship that Des and I had.

You know what? Fair enough! Last week, I was convinced the guy was a total skeeze, way-too-smooth player who would have no trouble resorting to underhanded, slimy tactics to reel Des in -- all for the sake of scoring a "showmance." But now, ehh. Maybe the guy was just especially assertive in his approach. Obviously he's got a competitive streak, but maybe he realizes that to stand out and to make a serious play for someone, you've got to be at least somewhat aggressive -- not to mention 150 percent focused. 

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Finding a serious relationship takes serious work. It may not sound romantic, but from my experience, chances of scoring a relationship are so much higher if you're constantly putting yourself out there in a driven, confident way.

So perhaps that's all Ben was doing, and it just didn't go over well with the other guys who weren't taking an as gung-ho approach? Hey, it's a possibility. Though it sounds like ultimately, Ben's going to cross the line. In the meantime, I give him props for at least knowing what it means to keep your eye on the prize.

How do you feel about the way Ben says he went about competing on The Bachelorette?

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