'Teen Mom 2' Season 5 May Be More Than a Rumor

Jenelle EvansThere have been so many rumors about Teen Mom 2 and whether there will be a season 5 that it's hard to know what's real and what's not. The latest seems to be that Leah, Kailyn, Jenelle, and Chelsea WILL be returning for another season full of drama, insanity, and great TV. Seems shocking, no?

With all the issues Jenelle has encountered, it seemed almost impossible for the girls to return. But stranger things have happened, and lately, the rumor mill has had a lot of evidence to suggest a fifth season is in the works. Consider this:


Leah Calvert's husband Jeremy recently tweeted:

@AshleyHomeStore very upset with the customer service and sales reps at your location in South Charleston, WV. Very poorly organized. we thought we chose a better furniture store. @MTV will be in to film and @TM2LeahDawn and myself don’t have a bed! #sad.

Why would they be filming if not for season 5?

And then there was Jenelle's own cryptic tweet: "but is TM2 REALLY over?"

Hmmm. It doesn't tell us everything, but it does raise the question.

Add to that the eyewitnesses who claim they have seen filming going on, and it does seem like there is compelling case for the show's next season.

Of course, that seems insane. MTV needs to know when to drop a good thing. They did so with Teen Mom, which is said to be over. The stars of that show have moved on with Farrah now doing porn and Maci now nurturing the latest Teen Mom 3 girls. This is what the Teen Mom 2 girls ought to be doing, too.

Jenelle doesn't need to be on TV. She needs to be getting her life together. The same goes for the other girls, too. As long as they have MTV to keep coming back to them, they won't move on with their lives.

MTV needs to let them go.

Do you think season 5 should be a go?


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