'Princesses: Long Island' Won’t Find Husbands as Long as They’re Daddy’s Girls


Oy vey. Those are the two words that come to mind as I watch these self-described Jewish American Princesses: Long Island whine about how they are all looking for husbands and just can't seem to find the good eggs. My thoughts? Perhaps you need to move out of your parents' home first and learn how to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. No self-respecting man is going to continue to serve any of these women in the way their parents have them accustomed to living. The bottom line is this: Husbands are not butlers or free-flowing wine bars from what I remember from the last time I was out there trying to snag one!

While all these princesses seem to be hell bent on living off daddy's paycheck and mommy's gefilte fish, I literally cringe watching these women (and I use the term "women" loosely) and their dysfunctional interactions with their parents. They could all use a little life coaching advice ... from yours truly!


Let's talk about the most dysfunctional moments so far and give the little Princesses some advice, shall we?

#1 Ashlee White cannot handle the least bit of discomfort without calling her parents for their reassurance -- whether she's driving though a less than stellar Long Island neighborhood and feeling scared about being in the "ghetto" (last time we checked, Long Island wasn't really a ghetto) or she's in the lap of luxury in a Hamptons house and can't handle the stain on her bedspread. In almost every instance, she needs to dial up her mom and dad and get their reassurance that she will indeed be able to get through this AWFUL experience. It's cute to be called Daddy's little girl when you are 4, but not when you are 29 years old.

My advice to Ashlee: Next time you feel the need to call your father, to order him to get your hairbrush from the bathroom when you are sitting just a few feet from said bathroom, we suggest getting off your tuchus and trying to complete a task on your own. We are confident your future husband would agree with our tough love stance.

#2 Erica Gimble clearly has a drinking problem; that woman is forever attached to a bottle of white wine and makes sure to fill her glass up to the tippy top. I'm pretty sure she would rather be married to a glass of chardonnay than a man at this point. And it certainly doesn't help that her parents have a never-ending stock of alcohol that Erica seems to have no problem taking full advantage of, you know, being that it's free and all.

My advice to Erica: Perhaps if you left your parents' house and had to buy a glass of wine at $12 a pop, you might be less inclined to spend your days drinking and more inclined to spend your days pursuing other activities. What these pursuits are, we are still not sure, as all we've seen you do thus far is talk about your high school glory days and chug-a-lug wine like water. This is not the stuff primo bachelorettes are made of! Gross.

Of course, the other women on Princesses: Long Island have some serious issues to contend with before they can even contemplate the idea of marriage, but these two are the ones who need to leave home STAT.

What do think is keeping these girls from finding husbands?

Image via Bravo

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