'Bachelorette' Winner's Shocking Accusations Against Cast Members Make the Show Sound Even More Fake

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Whoa -- talk about a juicy piece of gossip! Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak (you know, the snowboarder with the pink shoelaces from Deanna Pappas' season) is claiming that some of the Bachelorette guys use steroids before appearing on the show to make themselves look more beefy and appealing than they actually are.

Apparently during the casting process for the show, contestants are tested for drug use and STDs (eww!) -- but not steroids. And according to Jesse, "They’ll even have you take your shirt off in casting" -- meaning they're on the lookout for guys with really buff physiques.


While it's impossible to say whether or not any of the dudes on the show actually use steroids, would it really surprise you all that much if they did?

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Here they are, appearing on a reality TV show where they're one of 25 guys competing for the love of one woman -- and are often put in situations where going shirtless is either required or encouraged. Doesn't it kind of make sense for them to want to appear to be in the best shape possible before putting their half-naked bodies on national television? What dude wouldn't want to bulk up for that sort of thing?

And on the flip side of the coin, you know the girls who sign on for The Bachelor take all sorts of steps to improve their appearance before the show starts filming. Oh come on -- from spending hours a day in the gym to going on crazy fad diets to getting regular spray tans, there's no way these women don't put extra effort into looking good before the camera starts rolling. (Don't even try and act like you wouldn't reach for the nearest juice cleanse if ABC offered you a spot.)

Let's assume for a second that Jesse's claims are true, and that these guys' muscles aren't exactly natural. Gasp! That would mean a lot of the show is ... FAKE! (And that just can't be possible, right?) Ugh. If that's the case, we have to let go of the fantasy that there are dozens of eligible men out there who have great jobs, are hot as hell, and are still searching for the right woman because they just haven't found her in their regular lives.

Yep. These steroid accusations are a lose-lose no matter how you look at them.

Do you think the guys on The Bachelorette really use steroids?


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