'Mad Men' Recap: Don Gets Caught With His Pants Down

don draper season 6 episode 11Well, as far as I can tell, at this point, the thought that our attention should be focused on guessing whether "Megan Draper is dead or doomed" is a red herring. As of tonight's episode, "Favors," I'm convinced: Something else is coming at the end of season 6. (Though I wouldn't necessarily rule out a death.) One thing that's dead and buried: Sally Draper's idealization of Don.

It all started with Mitchell Rosen -- Sylvia and Arnold's son -- sitting in the Drapers' living room, confiding in Megan. He was telling her that he's been reclassified as 1A after sending back his military draft card in protest, and he was hoping maybe she had a hookup for him to run away to Canada. Of course she does, but Don says it's not their problem. Funny, because whether out of guilt for their affair or to win her back, he makes it his problem.


He even "takes the temperature" of Chevy at a business dinner, seeing if perhaps someone in the group might be able to help him figure out a solution for Mitchell, being that GM is a top defense contractor. There's absolutely no sympathy from that camp, though. No real surprise there. But what a risk Don took even bringing up the war with that crowd! I don't blame Ted for flipping out on him over it. He really did deserve a verbal slap for that one ... which he got, but after explaining that he was just trying to look out for his friend's kid, he also scores an offer from Ted to call up a brigadier general in the Air National Guard he's friendly with on Mitchell's behalf.

Meanwhile, Sally and her friend Julie head into the city for a Model UN trip and end up meeting Mitchell in Don and Megan's apartment building lobby. Cue hilaaaarious/awesome glimpse at the fashion of the moment -- and crush at first sight. Like young teens are apt to do, the girls write up a note of all their most beloved attributes of their new crush, which boy crazy Julie then covertly delivers to the Rosen residence ...

The way the pieces came together for the clincher at the end was GENIUS. I guess you could have guessed that Sylvia would be incredibly grateful for the strings Don (via Ted) pulled, saving her son, and would end up running back into her ex-lover's arms. And that Sally would be able to let herself into the Rosens' apartment with a master key from the doorman to try to retrieve the note at exactly the moment her father was having sex with his ex-mistress. But I didn't see it coming. And OMG, how could you not experience a full-body cringe watching that all go down!? Agghhh. What on earth was Don going to say to Sally? What on earth COULD he say?

Sure, he tried to convince Sally she didn't see what she thought she saw, chalking it up to "comforting" Sylvia, who was shaken up over the Mitchell mess. But his daughter's no dummy. This devastating turn of events is something Don can't deny or erase. Looks like, at least judging from the scenes from next week, this is going to come back to haunt him. He most definitely just endangered his relationship with Sally -- or maybe all of his kids, if Betty finds out and freaks out? -- forever. (Ironic, being that he did so in part by helping Sylvia and Arnold's kid ...)

And speaking of endangering relationships ... oh man. Turns out Bob Benson has the misfortune of being interested in PETE CAMPBELL of all SC&P employees and of attempting to share that with the object of his affection by making a subtle but gasp-worthy move, brushing his knee against Pete's! Wow. Although Pete rebuked his advance, I worry that the situation is not over just yet and, much like Don's increasingly out-of-control one-way ticket to hell mess, may end with catastrophe.

What were you more shocked by -- Sally catching Don and Sylvia or Bob Benson hitting on Pete? How do you think both situations will end up?


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