Murdered 'Game of Thrones' Favorites May Reappear in Finale Shocker (SPOILERS)

I haven't read the Game of Thrones books, and after the Red Wedding episode, I couldn't help myself -- I spoilered myself on a few upcoming details. Potential upcoming details, that is. There are two particular scenes that happened in the books that may be happening this Sunday, and they sound ENORMOUSLY upsetting. Like, I haven't even SEEN them and I'm already ready to shout at the television.

So here's your warning: if you want to remain unspoiled on what happened during the Red Wedding and what comes next in the original story, this is not the post for you. Seriously, SPOILER ALERT, I CANNOT MAKE THESE CAPITAL LETTERS ANY BIGGER. The subject at hand involves two major characters whose deaths shocked the ever-living crap out of us ... and how we may be seeing them again in the finale.


Okay, brief recap of the devastation that went down last Sunday: Walder Frey holds a wedding for Robb's uncle Edmure, there's a big feast in the grand hall, Robb and Talisa share some smoochie-boochies over their unborn child that they will name Eddard if it's a boy (awwwww), and everything seems hunky-dory. Until, of course, "The Rains of Castamere" begins to play, a man rushes forward to stab Talisa multiple times in her pregnant belly, arrows hit Robb, his men are killed left and right, the direwolf Grey Wind is slaughtered, Roose Bolton delivers the killing blow to Robb, and Catelyn shrieks in pure motherly anguish before her throat is slit and her lifeblood jets out in horrific spray before she crumples to the ground.

Sooooooooooo yeah, that happened.

If you've read the books, you know that three of the slaughtered characters -- Robb, Catelyn, and the direwolf Grey Wind -- make a reappearance in the story shortly thereafter, although not in a form pleasing to those who were secretly hoping the Red Wedding was all a really fucked-up dream sequence.

Here's what we may be seeing in Sunday's finale:

• Another look at Lady Catelyn Tully. As the horrible, shiteous Freys throw her naked dead body into the river in a cruel mockery of the House Tully funeral ritual. Aaaaaaagh.

• Robb's dead body ... with a wolf for a head. In the book, the Freys are even more disrespectful to Robb's corpse, because they cut off his head ... and sew Grey Wind's head onto his body. This is apparently intended to mock Robb's relationship with his direwolf, and I'm pretty sure that if they show this scene during the finale we're going to see a whole new wave of audience reaction videos because THAT IS SO AWFUL OH MY GOD.

If you've read this far, you're either familiar with the books or you can't resist spoilers, you Christmas-present-peeker. Either way, what do you think? Will we be seeing the above scenes during Sunday's big Game of Thrones finale? (And book readers, let's keep the spoiler talk to just this particular finale, okay?)

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