'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Designs & Wears What Appears to Be a Prom Dress

Desiree Hartsock Sean Lowe

Yeahhhh, so, I'm certainly no fashionista, but I'm not exactly loving the new dress Desiree Harstock designed to wear for the next Bachelorette rose ceremony. People has a sneak peek of the royal blue gown -- which we'll get to see more of on Monday's episode.

Oh wait, you didn't know Des was a fashion gal? Yep. She totally is. She studied at L.A.’s Fashion institute of Design and Merchandising and even plans on sketching up her own wedding dress when the big day arrives.

And remember the red dress she wore when she got out of the limo and met Bachelor Sean Lowe? The one in the photo above? Yeah, that was her creation too.


And I actually thought the red dress was pretty cute and appropriate for meeting Sean for the first time -- but I'm not exactly loving the new blue number. I mean, the color looks great on her and she certainly has the body for it, but it just seems a little bit ... much.

A couple things are really throwing me off -- starting with that thing around her neck. It takes the dress from being a simple, strapless gown to something that you'd expect to see if you traveled back in time to your high school prom (somewhere around 1995 or so.) Her chest area just looks too crowded, or something.

And then there's the cut of the gown. Again, Des has an amazing figure and can pull off wearing something fitted like nobody's business -- but consider the occasion she chose this dress for. Usually prior to rose ceremonies, there's a cocktail party where she's moving around and a lot and getting up and down to talk to the guys. How in the heck was she comfortable in this thing? And how did she even walk? I'm thinking something more similar to the dress she wore to meet Sean would've been a better bet, at least for the sake of keeping her flexible all night.

Yes, Des has a good eye for fashion. But based on this little mishap, I'm thinking it might be wise to leave the wedding dress designing to someone else, or at least get a second opinion before making a final decision. The last thing she needs is to trip on her way down the aisle, or pass out from a bedazzled neckline that's weighing her down.

What do you think of Desiree's designing skills?


Image via ABC

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