Tamra Barney Goes on Attack Again ... So Much for That Nice, New Leaf She Was Turning Over

Lydia McLaughlinSo much for that nicer, kinder leaf RHOC Tamra Barney keeps proclaiming to be turning over. Her actions tell us she's still stuck on the mean, bitter, biting one she's been on for awhile now. Her latest victim -- new girl Lydia McLaughlin.

This time it's Twitter that has her all in a twist. She apparently doesn't like it when people suddenly get new followers too fast, and she threw out a pointed accusation earlier this week.


Why do people buy followers? We all know your doing it when your followers drop and increase 20K over night. Desperate housewife?

She didn't mention Lydia by name, but according to Wetpaint, it's pretty obvious who she was slamming. She told followers who asked to type in her co-stars' names in Twitter Counter to see which one had a big increase in followers. The site did just that and found that as May 29, Lydia had 71,000 followers. Today, she has more than 82,000.

It's a lot, but ..  why does Tamra care? Shouldn't she be planning a wedding or something instead of comparing someone's number of followers? And so what if someone buys followers, it's not like it hurts Tamra ... well except for her ego maybe.

Also, it's not really that unthinkable that Lydia just got that many followers the old-fashioned way (or as old fashioned as you can be when it comes to Twitter). She's new to the show, and people are starting to want more of her as she gets deeper into the drama. She was responsible for Tamra and Alexis's big reunion we saw this week, and that could have had contributed to the new followers too. Nice of Tamra to pay her back with the slam, huh?

Do you think Lydia bought Twitter followers? What do you think of Tamra criticizing her for doing so?

Image via Bravo

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