'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Move In Together on One Condition

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciWhen I first heard that Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are living together (finally), I kind of muttered under my breath, "Ha! I knew it. I knew they'd never be able to last until marriage without getting it on."

But then I realized there's a catch. Sure, Catherine and Sean may have forgone their individual apartments in favor of staying together in what may or may not be a fantasy suite-style residence -- but they're keeping separate bedrooms. (Borrrrinnng.)


A source told In Touch magazine, "Moving in is purely a financial decision. They're still maintaining born-again virgin Sean’s beliefs."

Uhhhhh, what? An engaged couple moving in together simply because they want to save a little cash? (Isn't ABC paying these two enough?)

Ok, let me get this straight. Sean and Catherine are shacking up under the same roof -- but there's absolutely no hanky-panky going on because one of them is holed up in the master suite while the other is roughing it in a guest room down the hall? (You know he gave her the better room.)

Who are they -- soon-to-be newlyweds or an elderly couple who has been married for 50 years? Ok, confession time. I've been married for almost 10 years, and I'd give anything to have my own bedroom (for several reasons.) And I think there are a lot of wives out there who feel the same way even if they won't admit it.

But even if we'd been on the whole "saving ourselves" plan before getting hitched -- I still highly doubt I would've been into living in the same house and sleeping in different rooms, simply because it sounds like something grandparents do. (Or roommates.)

I'm sorry, but this just seems a little too weird. Sure, I guess you could argue that going to bed every night with temptation only a couple doors away makes things even more exciting. But what if they get so used to sleeping in different rooms that they find it impossible to snooze in the same bed once they tie the knot?

(Peaceful and uninterrupted sleep can be pretty addicting.)

Hopefully Sean and Catherine will head to the altar pretty soon -- before their "old married couple" routine turns into a habit that's impossible to break.

Do you think they should have moved in together?


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