'Bachelorette' Bad Guy Ben Scott's 'Strategy' to Winning Desiree's Heart Will Be His Downfall

ben scott desiree hartsockEvery Bachelorette or Bachelor season needs a villain, and it seems like in Desiree Hartsock's season, producers are zeroing in on Ben Scott. The single dad-turned-reality show suitor grated on lots of his fellow contenders' nerves this week when he interrupted Des's one-on-ones with other guys, even after he had a rose. But despite being confronted not once but twice by his co-stars, he didn't seem to care at all, explaining that his priority was winning Desiree's heart.

An insider source spoke with Wetpaint recently to explain exactly what went on behind the scenes, and apparently, yes, Ben "came in with a strategy" from the get-go. But it's not exactly the malicious agenda the producers would have us believe. 


The source explains:

No one thought that Ben was necessarily a bad guy. But it was clear from the start he wasn’t there to make friends. What he didn’t realize was that while he was focused solely on Des, the rest of the guys were bonding with each other. A lot of them got really close. He could have been part of that, but he made the choice not to.

And as a result, he became "the odd man out." Well, duh. That was bound to happen if he was going in there with the idea that all he was there for was Des and forget anything else happening in the house.

I get that at its core, this is a competition, but come on. Turning everyone off around you and showing that you can't play nice with your fellow contestants doesn't exactly make anyone look like a desirable potential partner. It just makes him look insecure and significantly less likable. Des would be crazy to choose someone who steps all over the other guys. She seems like a friendly, outgoing person who would want a guy with social graces. And judging from his behavior (or, okay, at least how his behavior's been portrayed by the cameras so far), Ben's not that guy.

Ultimately, the source says, "No one hates him, but you’re going to see things implode before it’s all over." No surprise there! Guess that means we can count him out as a real contender for the final rose?

How do you feel about Ben's "strategizing"?

Image via ABC

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