How Did 'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout REALLY Break Her Foot?

Maci BookoutTeen Mom Maci Bookout has a broken foot, and while she is not saying quite how it happened, the young mother's active lifestyle leaves a lot of options. Between school, jetting back and forth to places for appearances, and just her general active lifestyle, there are many ways Miss Maci could have broken the foot.

But since she isn't saying, it kind of makes it mysterious, no? 

Some options:

  1. Running after Bentley: Bentley is an active boy who is already riding BMX bikes and generally making his mommy crazy with his antics. It's totally possible that she was running after him and tripped and fell, hurting her foot. But then why would she keep it a secret? Hmmm.
  2. Getting a tattoo: She has very few places on her body NOT tattooed. So maybe she was in a contorted position to get her last speck of skin covered and fell and broke her foot. That's kind of embarrassing, right? I mean, a tattoo incident? Who has ever heard of that?
  3. BMX: As far as I know, Maci is still involved in BMX racing herself. It would be very easy for her to have an accident and have broken her foot that way. But then we also know she would be proud of that. Battle scars, man! Why would she hide that?
  4. Sex injury: Maci has a boyfriend named Taylor McKinney. Maybe they were doing something she is too embarrassed to reveal when WHAMMO she fell over and broke her foot. That would be too embarrassing to tell.
  5. Something non-dramatic: The final possibility is something really mundane. Maybe she fell off a sidewalk or tripped in a ditch and is kind of embarrassed about how lame that is. Maybe she wishes she had a better story.

Note to Maci: Take one of the first four! They will make you sound bad ass.

How do you think she did it?


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