‘Bachelorette’ Star Kasey Kahl’s Apology to ‘Sucker Punch’ Victim Is Embarrassingly Bad (VIDEO)

kasey kahlI used to think The Bachelor and Bachelorette alums were much classier than other reality stars. Prancing around half-naked in order to get a rose aside, they rarely got arrested for DUIs, ended up in rehab, or found themselves in the midst of baby mama drama. But I was clearly wrong. Case in point: Kasey Kahl. You may recall that he battled for Ali Fedotowsky's heart in season 6. Turns out, she really dodged a bullet by sending that one home. He was recently sentenced to three years of probation for a bar brawl. To top it all, he issued the lamest video apology that you will ever see. Take a look.


On the night that led to his legal woes, Kasey was leaving a Fresno, California hot spot when he got into an altercation. He ended up breaking a guy's nose and hitting his girlfriend. Kasey first tried to put the blame on the victim, saying that he was attacked and the couple was just seeking 15 minutes of fame. But to hear Kasey's apology, it is clear they did nothing wrong. Warning: I have seen trees bark with more emotion.

No matter how lame the delivery, it’s clear why he’s offering a mea culpa. He approached the dude and started talking smack. Said dude called him a douche bag. Kasey sucker punched him and clocked his girlfriend in the process, thus proving the dude’s point: you are a douche bag.

Sadly, this is probably not the last we will hear of Kasey Kahl. If he is like nearly all of his Bachelorette peers, he has been bitten by the fame bug and will do whatever it takes to extend his 15 minutes. If he had any sense, he would just go back to his old, normal, non-bar-brawling life and try to bury his reality TV roots.

What do you think of Kasey's apology?

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