Jenelle Evans' Baby Daddy Wants Jace Back

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans' baby daddy has decided to come out of the woodwork and speak a few choice words about the woman he got pregnant. Charles Andrew Lewis, Jace's father, recently talked to Radar and here are some interesting quotes of his:


"Jenelle doesn’t want Jace to know that I’m his father."

"I tried to come see Jace, but they won’t let [me] come see him. I texted Barbara [Jenelle's mother who is also Jace's guardian] and asked her if I could see Jace. Straight up, she said, 'No!'"

"I wish I could [find] a better mother for Jace.”

"Jenelle's about dumber than a f**king brick."

Finally, on how he's tried to get visitation rights through the court:

"I've tried that so many times. You shouldn’t have to go through a court. There's people out there that are homeless, literally -- and at least they still get to see their children."

I'll let that one sink in, guys: "You shouldn't have to go through a court."

Now, here's the thing. Lewis is right in some respects. Jenelle isn't a good mother to her son, Jace. But ... where has Lewis been all this time? And why hasn't he paid child support? It's great that he wants to see Jace now, and be a father to him, but you don't get to decide when you want to be a parent. It isn't an elective sport. You become a parent the minute you get pregnant or get someone pregnant.

If Lewis really wants to change his ways and become part of Jace's life, that's great. Dude needs to seriously clean up his act and do a lot more than run his trap to gossip sites about how crap a mom Jenelle is. But as far as the last few years of his son's life go? Nothing will ever undo that. He was 100 percent absent. How do you ever justify that to your kid?

What do you think of Charles Andrew Lewis?


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