'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Caroline Manzo Needs to Stay Out of the Gorga-Giudice Feud

Teresa GiudiceThe Real Housewives of New Jersey were finally back for season five tonight, and, damn if that hour didn't fly by. They jumped right back into the drama, without missing a beat.

Unfortunately, the Gorga and Giudice children are caught right in the middle of the drama, and being used as pawns by their parents who hadn't spoken in more than a year, even after Hurricane Sandy. At least for the most part tonight they were being used for good as Antonia sent Milania a note saying she missed her. That gave Teresa Giudice an excuse to call and ask for a play date.

Melissa Gorga (looking like she had some work done, but I'm not quite sure what) was still pissed as hell and wasn't about to just drop her daughter off in the Giudice den of delusion, so the two argued back and forth childishly via text about who got to take the girls where. Finally, 11-year-old Gia (who seems like a pretty cool kid) solved it and arranged for both moms to meet with the girls.


When they did, the girls were thrilled to see each other, but between Teresa and Melissa,  it was tense, awkward, and weird. And what was up with Melissa micromanaging their jewelry making? She was making Teresa look like the sane one. Then it got even more uncomfortable when they found out they both had parties planned for their daughters' First Communions on the same day. But they did it, and it was a first step ... as painful as it was.

What was really painful though (even more than having Teresa refer to the song Joe was trying to quote as "Dust in the Air") was seeing Caroline Manzo butt her big nose into the situation because ... I have no idea why. Well, other than to give her some relevancy on the show. It was just weird, and even Melissa thought so.

Caroline said she knew Teresa might tell her to eff off, but she was willing to take that risk and go talk to Teresa on Joe's behalf. But it's none of her effing business. It's not Caroline's family, and she has plenty of her own family drama she should be dealing with. Just because she dishes advice on the radio doesn't mean she needs to be doing it real life; it's just annoying. I have to admit I can't wait to see how it all goes down when she and Teresa finally meet, though.

Previews for the rest of the season look absolutely insane. I seriously can't wait to watch it all go down. Welcome back, Jersey.

Do you think Caroline should intervene in the Gorga-Giudice feud? Do you think it will help?


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