Will ‘Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary Be Wearing Her ‘Chastity Belt’ in Season 4? (VIDEO)

lady mary baby downton abbey 4Downton fans, I've been scouring the Internets for scoop on the next season, but details are awfully scarce these days. The actors are about halfway through filming the series, and they've clearly been sworn to secrecy. Not only that, supposedly Julien Fellows writes the script on the fly, so even he doesn't know what exactly will happen. BUT -- the Los Angeles Times was able to squeeze a bit of intel out of actress Michelle Dockery. Are you wondering how soon Lady Mary will jump into that dating pool? Here's what she says.


We're in for a slow ride. Remember back when Mary allowed Mr. Pamuk into her room and he died in the nude in her bed? It had me thinking she'd be the fun, randy sister who's always in trouble. But nooooo. And there's little hope of her turning wild in this season, either. I know, I'm disappointed, too. Ever since that terrifying scare with Mr. Pamuk, Mary has been ever so proper with the men. And now that she's a serious widow, don't expect her to revert to her wild ways. She is still very much in mourning.

"There's no way she'll fall for someone that quickly. Matthew was the love of her life," Dockery says. Oh yeah! In addition to sticking with propriety, Mary did love Matthew tremendously. Her heart is still broken. BUT! Even if Mary's heart isn't motivated to move on with another man, she'll still be pushed to try

Well, the predicament that Mary's in now is that she does need to find someone eventually. She has the heir to Downton, she has baby George and she is under pressure to find someone. In that world, women had to find someone. It was all about marriage and who you'd spend the rest of your life with.

So Mary doesn't get to spend out the rest of her days just raising baby George and nursing her memories of Matthew. I wonder if she resents the pressure, or if she just accepts it as what must be done? You know how she is about doing her duty and being practical.

But don't think she'll let her family shove her into a new match before she's ready. "The thing about Mary is that she's incredibly strong and has already been through quite a lot," Mary says. "She's not weak. She's a survivor. So she will come through it." Well of course she will! Like we had any doubts about that. But just in case the fans aren't quite ready to see Mary move on too quickly, she wants us to know that will definitely not be a problem. "It will take a long time" before Mary gives her heart away again, "I promise."

Anyway, here's yummy Tom Cullen, who plays one of Lady Mary's suitors, Lord Anthony Gillingham, in the next season. He gives nothing away but you should watch him say words on camera anyway because do you not see this man?!?

Are you ready to see Mary move on after Matthew's death, or do you want her to mourn a good long time?


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