Dismal 'Bachelorette' Premiere Ratings Can't Destroy Desiree Hartsock's Season

desiree hartsock bacheloretteBachelor fans loved Desiree Hartsock, so it's no wonder she was chosen as the next Bachelorette. But it is kind of shocking to hear that the ratings for her season premiere -- which aired on Memorial Day -- were really bad. As in, it was the lowest season debut in the show’s history! Yeah, that bad. Ouch. And here we thought that despite the plethora of dud dudes in the competition, it was actually an entertaining episode! Must have been because it aired on a holiday, when everyone was distracted by having to get back to work the next day. Or because The Voice live show was on at the same time.

Either way, take heart, Hartsock fans: The dismal ratings don't have to be a death sentence for this season! We still have plenty to look forward to in season 9 (which ABC could and should totally play up to pique more interest in the show!). For instance ...


We still have the crazy, overprotective brother to watch in action all over again! You know ABC is gonna play that card, because it was such a classic moment on Sean Lowe's season. I'm also intrigued about how Des's bridal stylist background is going to inform or color her experience on the show. She's likely seen a lot of lovestruck, unhappy, and crazy brides walk through her door at work, so you'd think that would help her have an even better head on her shoulders when it comes to choosing Mr. Right!

And speaking of Mr. Right, what about that Ben guy with the kid? He looks like he could be a real contender. Don't we want to see if he manages to pull Hartsock's heartstrings? (Hee hee.) But sure, some reality show watchers prefer to witness a trainwreck instead. Well, that's sure to be offered up in spades on this season, considering the straight-up goobers casting agents have given Des to choose from.

And if that's not enough to whet viewers' appetites, how about the fact that host Chris Harrison says, “I think top to bottom, it’s the best season we’ve ever had, it really is, for good and bad, it’s a roller coaster ride, unfortunately." Unfortunately?! And if that's not enough, the preview for the next ep claims we're headed for the "BIGGEST SMACKDOWN EVER"?! Whoa. Sounds like must-watch TV to me.

Did you watch the premiere? Are you psyched for the rest of the season?


Image via ABC

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