Sean Lowe Crowns the Best ‘Bachelor’ & We Couldn’t Agree More

sean loweA lot of people think Sean Lowe is the best Bachelor in series history, but Sean Lowe isn't one of them. When a fan tweeted to the blonde reality star that she thinks he's the best, Sean responded that no, no, Jake Pavelka is the best.

Who knows if Sean's just playing around, but I couldn't agree more. Jake was totally the best Bachelor ever. Anyone who brings his brand of deep-seeded anger issues to the table is a winner in my book.


But it's not just Jake's inner infuriation that made him fun to watch (dude was like a ticking time bomb!), he was also good-looking, downright insane, totally egotistical, possibly a misogynist, and definitely a fame whore.

I'm sorry -- but anyone who goes on a reality show called Famous Food with Heidi Montag has earned the "fame whore" title.

His season was a total train-wreck and the fact that he ended up with Vienna was just the icing on the totally dysfunctional cake. Viewers knew that those two were never going to last, but I think we were shocked to see just how epically terrible their public breakup played out. The cheating accusations, the sit-down with Chris Harrison, the teeth- and fist-clenched "do NOT interrupt me" ... it was a dream come true.

For us, obviously. Not them.

Sean nailed it -- Jake Pavelka certainly was the best Bachelor. The drama and the derangement that was his season can't be beat.

Who do you think was the best Bachelor?


Photo via seanloweksu/Instagram

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