Former 'Bachelorette' Hottie Sentenced After Nasty Bar Brawl (He Didn't Guard & Protect Hearts That Night!)

kasey kahlHe'll guard and protect your heart, but he'll also break your nose if you piss him off. Former Bachelorette contestant Kasey Kahl, who you'll remember from Ali Fedotowsky's season, was just sentenced to three years of probation and community service for the bar fight he had back in January 2012, during which he broke a man's nose and punched the man's girlfriend.

Kermy! How could you do such a thing!?


The victims claim that Kahl jumped them for no reason, but it wouldn't shock me in the least to learn that a passing comment they made about his ridiculous time on reality TV didn't set Kasey off the handle. I mean, the poor guy is a painfully easy target.

Aside from the fact that he talks like Kermit the Frog, he also got a GIANT FOREARM TATTOO on the show to prove his love to Ali, who was obviously not interested.

Anyone who commits "Guard and Protect Your Heart" to permanent ink on their arm during their five minutes of reality fame must have a couple screws loose. Lurking under that facade of sweetness was an anger issue just waiting to be unleashed.

Unfortunately, Ali sent him home before anything got violent on the show -- it would've been awesome to see Kasey and Rated R. get after it during a rose ceremony.

Kasey won't just be known for his absurd attempt to find love on TV, or his hilarious tattoo, but he'll be remembered for his drunken bar fight now, as well. Such is the life of a reality "star" ... but being remembered is all that matters, isn't it?

Are you shocked by Kasey's dark side?


Photo via Fresno County Jail

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