'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Thinks Slamming Christians Will Make Her More Famous

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham seems bound and determined to leave her Teen Mom past behind her and move on to bigger and better. But she just keeps on putting her foot in her mouth again. And again. And again. This time the queen of rudeness tweeted out on a Sunday that those who go to church on Sunday are "hypocritical Christians." Say what?

It makes sense why Farrah might have some issues with religion. Her mother Debra is always fast to tout her religion whenever it's convenient, but it didn't stop her from a horrible relationship with her daughter or from raising a child who became a teen mother and a porn star. But this doesn't mean ALL Christians are hypocrites. Just because you have one bad apple, does that mean you will never eat anything made from apples again? That's crazy.


I am no great defender of religion. I think it has caused many ills in the world. But I also think there is no need to paint all people with the same broad strokes because you know one or two bad ones. That kind if stereotyping is generally poor form. Besides, if Farrah wants to make friends, the fastest way to do that isn't by insulting religion. In fact, that usually tends to anger people and turn them off. Just a tip, Farr!

Much as we are talking about her right now, in 10 years, no one will know who Farrah Abraham is. She is a flash in the pan. Maybe she would do well to find religion or some other means of sustaining her soul when the fame that feeds her is long, long gone.

She needs something anyway. Her soul is long, long gone.

Do you think Farrah does this on purpose for attention?


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