'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Is About to Get Her Tender Heart Stomped (VIDEO)

Desiree HartsockLast night's premiere of The Bachelorette starring Desiree Hartsock as the woman of the night had all the things we love in our premieres. There were men dressed in bizarre costumes who got dissed hard, men who tried too hard to make an impression and instead made everyone cringe, and men who fell in love before they even stepped out of the limo.

Every season The Bachelor seems to get worse and worse in terms of the crop of fame hungry contestants, and this show seems to be no exception. What was with the shirtless dude from Texas? Or the knight? Or the guy who used his kid to make an impression?

On that note, I can't be the only one who was entirely repulsed by that guy, can I? I mean, really? Bring your kid to the first night? How exploitative can you get? From the previews, it also seems like he may be there for the dreaded "wrong reasons" (as in: he wants to be famous or has a girlfriend, etc.). Personally, I feel badly for Desiree.


Hartsock actually seems to be on this show in order to find love (as insane as that is) and she is about to be bitterly disappointed. Even if this show WAS about love at one point, 10 years ago (debatable), now it isn't. Now it's about fancy dates, exciting locations, and the opportunity to become part of the "Bachelor family," which could either mean a stint as the Bachelor or Bachelorette or a shot at being on Bachelor Pad. Either way, it's fun and I get it, but come on? Does anyone believe this is about love?

The sad things is, Des, with all her tears and sincere talk about her parents' marriage, MAY actually be on this show to find love. Which is insane. Even the most naive contestants usually seem to get that this isn't about lifetime love, but momentary fame and fortune.

Poor Desiree. She needs to wake up fast.

Rumor (Reality Steve) has it that she is engaged and that she leaves this whole mess with a fiance, but these don't last. Her sincerity is going to be her undoing if she isn't careful. Sincere people looking for love don't fare well in The Bachelor world. It's a shark den. Just ask the guy who wore a knight costume to the premiere. Things don't end well for romantics.

Here is what we can expect:


It's OK, though. Des will get one taste of the good life and all her sweet intentions will fly away. Just watch.

Are you excited for this season?


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