'Mad Men' Recap: Just One Woman Understands Don Draper

Don Draper Mad MenIt may be the holiday weekend, but Matthew Wiener served up another Mad Men for us anyway. Titled The Better Half, it took Don Draper away from the (still unnamed!) agency and sent him off to the country to visit Bobby for parents' weekend. Leave it to Don to run into a hot blond at the gas station on the drive up and end up in her bed just a few hours later.

We should know by now that we can count on Don Draper to screw pretty much anything with legs, but even by his standard's tonight's dalliance was unexpected ... and surprisingly sweet.


Leaving Megan behind in the city, where she was propositioned by co-star, Arlene, who she'd turned to for some motherly advice, Don runs into Betty. Yes, that Betty. As in Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis, as in Betty who Don admits he actually misses.

Did you see that coming?

Back to being blond, svelte, and gorgeous, the former Mrs. Draper is flying solo for the first part of parents weekend, leaving Henry behind. It isn't just her looks that have changed.

We got to see a softer side of Betty tonight, a mom who sings camp songs with her son in the middle of a restaurant, a mom who can sit with her ex-husband on the porch of a motel and talk about the kids together.

And then she gets up, goes into her room to escape the mosquitoes eating her alive (apparently there is still blood in her veins, not just ice), and she leaves the door open behind her ... proving she knows Don better than we ever really realized.

She knew he was going to walk in, she knew he'd shut the door, and she knew they'd end up in bed together. You can tell she knew it all, and yet it doesn't seem like Betty is manipulating him. If anything, she seems ... wistful. And, OK, a bit horny.

Aside from some derivative dialogue about what it was like when they laid eyes on each other at the gas station -- if you're channelling Don Draper on your next date, just go with, "you are as beautiful as the day I met you" -- their pillow talk even showed a surprising amount of understanding from Betty.

As she says of Megan, "She doesn't know that loving you is the worst way to get to you."

Finally! Someone gets Don Draper! If only it was his wife and she'd figured that out five years ago!

What did you think of the Don and Betty hook-up?


Image via Michael Yarish/AMC


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