Former 'Bachelorette' Meredith Phillips' Alcoholism Admission Couldn't Be More Shocking

meredith phillipsFormer Bachelorette star Meredith Phillips recently revealed a deep, dark secret: She's a recovering alcoholic. The gorgeous brunette, who was the star of the ABC show in 2004, admit to People magazine that not only was she wasted during the filming of everyone's favorite dating show, but she was at a point in which she was blacking out daily and drinking 20 bottles of wine a week. That's a lot of booze.

Meredith is amazingly now 150 days sober, but her road to this point, like most addictions, wasn't an easy one. "I realized I was going to kill myself," Meredith said. "There wasn't another path for me other than to stop."

Even though it's incredibly inspiring that Meredith had the balls to come out and admit something that so many are embarrassed about, I have to say: This truly is a shock. Addictions obviously know no prejudices, but it's crazy to think the prim and proper-looking Bachelor contestant who tried to win Bob Guiney's heart was going through this.


It isn't uncommon for celebrities and high-profile people to have battles with addiction. They've got the world at their fingertips and access to anything and everything. Some wind up admitting their problem; some don't. And some, ah, aren't exactly surprising, while others -- like Meredith -- are.

Phillips, who seemed to have the picture-perfect life, told People: "It began with Sunday Fundays. I would split a bottle of champagne with friends at brunch, then move on to wine." She went on to explain how she would wind up drinking four bottles of wine a night. "I'd change grocery stores," she said. "I drank red wine when white became too sweet, and I couldn't drink enough of it."

When celebrities come out and admit a problem or issue -- be it drinking or drugs or anxiety or post-partum depression -- only good can come from it. We see (what we think) is every nano-second of stars' lives on Facebook and Twitter and in magazines -- and they seem to have it all. But clearly they don't. They have problems "just like us".

Meredith's decision to come out and publicly admit such a personal issue was a brave one. And hopefully, maybe it will inspire someone going through a similar problem to get help like she did. Congrats, Meredith. And hey, way to use your celebrity for good.

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