‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry’s Husband Gets Giant New Tattoo That’s Almost as Cool as Hers (PHOTO)

kailyn lowryOne small step for Javi Marroquin, one giant leap for his relationship with Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry. The reality show husband and soon father-to-be shared a photo of his enormous upper arm tattoo along with wife Kailyn, whose own sleeve is almost completed. This is at least the second time Javi's gotten inked -- back in 2012, he got an infinity sign to match Kailyn's on his lower back.

So what is Javi's new tattoo all about?


You tell me. It looks like some sort of old machine, or a military tank, or something Nathan Lane would've used to destroy the vermin in Mouse Hunt. Whatever it is, it looks pretty bad ass, and for an airman about to report to an Air Force base, this tat seems pretty on-par.

Lucky for him, he's got a partner in crime. Kailyn's obsessed with tattoos and has plenty of her own. I'm sure she's giving Javi plenty of advice on how to care for his fresh ink, seeing as she's had lots of experience doing the same. From her enormous back tattoo to the simple ones on her forearms to the elaborate skull on her shoulder, the pregnant Teen Mom is very familiar with permanent body art.

And at the rate these two are going, Kailyn will be covered in ink by her 30th birthday, and Javi by his 40th. Here's hoping they leave room somewhere on their bodies for a 50th wedding anniversary tattoo -- how romantic would it be to get matching ink when they're in their early 70s?


Do you and your husband like getting tattoos?


Photo via JaviM9/Twitter

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