'Bachelor' Winner Catherine Giudici's Lust for Fame Is Getting the Best of Her

Catherine GiudiciUgh. Does anyone who goes on The Bachelor ever turn out to be exactly the person they portrayed themselves to be on the show?!? Apparently not.

She may have acted all earthy and natural and laid-back while she was vying for Sean Lowe's heart, but now that she has a ring on her finger, Catherine Giudici kind of seems more interested in her newfound fame than she is in her groom-to-be.

Or at least that's how most people will probably interpret a comment Catherine made about being an L.A. resident as opposed to a gal from Seattle.


After getting her hair done at Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills, Catherine posted a photo of her lightened locks to Instagram along with the comment, "From Seattle drab to L.A. fab!"

Gee, Catherine. Tell us how you really feel about giving up your job and moving to Cali -- for the sake of supporting your fiancé during Dancing With the Stars. (Which is over for Sean, by the way.)

Am I nuts, or wasn't the plan for Catherine and Sean to move to L.A. temporarily, but then head back to his hometown of Dallas to start their lives together like normal, non-reality TV people? And didn't Sean make a big stink about being a regular guy who never wanted to be famous?

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Yeah, it's obvious that either the two of them had a change of heart once they found themselves in the spotlight, or their main goal in doing The Bachelor was always fame related. (Imagine that.)

But whichever scenario is the case, I guess I can't say that I blame either one of them for getting all caught up in being part of the cool crowd. It must be nice to go from being an average 20-something to suddenly getting invited to all sorts of star-studded events and parties (and possibly even being paid to show up at them).

Hmm. I can't lie. If I had to choose between Seattle drab and L.A. fab, I'd probably take the sunnier option too. Unless New York was thrown into the mix.

Do you think Catherine and Sean are out for fame?


Image via Instagram

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