'Bachelor' Bad Gal Courtney Robertson Reveals Too Much & Now We Really Hate Her (PHOTO)

Courtney RobertsonShe's definitely not the most loved contestant in Bachelor history, and if you are one of those people who already can't stand her, your hatred will go up another notch after seeing Courtney Robertson's bare butt -- and how disgustingly perfect it is.

Yes, I said Courtney's bare butt. She showed off her back side by posting a sexy photo to Instagram -- and the only thing it leaves to the imagination is the identity of the dude she's making out with in the picture. Considering they both have a shirt over their heads, and all we can see is Court's butt -- it's kind of tough to get a good look at him. (Although he looks pretty hot in the jeans he's wearing.)


Turns out it's nobody super exciting, just Courtney's ex-boyfriend, Cavan Clark. She dated him before she went on The Bachelor and got all mixed up with Ben Flajnik -- and it looks like they've since made up and rekindled the flame, to say the least.

(Why did he ever let a butt like hers go? Fool.)

Ok, ok, enough with the suspense. May I present -- the most perfect ass you've ever seen in your entire life.

courtney robertson butt 

OMG. This is so unfair. How in the heck does anyone's rear end look that smooth and perky? Seriously, you guys -- I can't stop staring at her butt. It's flawless. And I'm jealous. And now I feel fat. And I want my ass to look like this so I can post photos of it all over the place, but I know all too well that's never going to happen. And ... ugh.

I know Courtney is a model and all, but I still can't help but wonder if she has some sort of secret formula for keeping her back side so tight and toned. She's defying gravity here, people! And I can't seem to get over it.

Excuse me while I order a pair of Spanx and cry into my coffee cup for the rest of the afternoon.

Would you show off like this if your body looked as great as Courtney's?


Image via ABC/Instagram

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