Fan Gets More Miguel Than She Ever Wanted in Crowd-Surfing Fail at Billboard Music Awards (VIDEO)

miguel billboard awardsWell. I'd never even heard of the recording artist Miguel until the Billboard Music Awards show last night. But now? I think we all know him a whole lot better, especially one particularly unfortunate woman. In the middle of his performance, he leaped over screaming fans from the stage to the catwalk -- juuuust a little too low. Miguel landed on a woman's neck, giving her an involuntary close encounter with his crotch.

Zoiks! No matter how hot you think a singer is, this is exactly no one's fantasy.


Okay, so THAT happened. And Miguel's kinda like "whoops," knows he's landed on a fan, and hugs the nearest woman. NOT the same woman he just crotch-hugged. Like -- OMG, whose neck did I just almost break? Shit, these ladies all look the same, but they're all still smiling so I guess it's all good. High-five! And then he kept singing because the show must go on, obs.

What would you do, though? Poor Miguel. It was just an accident, and he was trying to be a graceful entertainer and recover from the most awkward awards show goof ever. He probably wanted to die right then and there. He probably caught a vision of all the gifs being created right at that moment. Oh the infamy.

Well, to his credit, Miguel did try to make amends. After the show he found the fan he'd be accidentally intimate with and tweeted, "Got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay." Yesss, caught up in the moment -- and a woman's head. Happens all the time, Miguel. Work on that leap a bit more, m'kay?

Did you catch the crazy leg drop Miguel performed last night?


Image via Nicky Dewhurst/YouTube, ABC

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