'Bachelor' Winner Catherine Giudici’s See-Through Shirt Makes Her Look Like a Kardashian Wannabe (PHOTO)

catherine giudiciBachelor Sean Lowe's fiance Catherine Giudici may be taking a page out of a fellow reality star's style playbook. The engaged 27-year-old wore a sheer, see-through top to the Maxim Hot 100 party in L.A. earlier this week, and onlookers were treated to stunning visuals of her black lace bra. Is Catherine copying Kim Kardashian's sense of style? Sheer madness, I say!


Kim's been spotted in many a black sheer top during her pregnancy -- perhaps seeing the magazine covers and online photos everywhere has subconsciously taken over Catherine's brain and all she can think about is see-through shirts and pickles with ice cream.

Catherine may be copying Kim's look (don't you love how I'm crediting Kim for, like, inventing wearing a sheer top? Me too), but she's not doing it very effectively. The hoops are totally Kardashian, but those dark jeans? Yeah, no.

For such a high-profile event, you'd think Catherine would've worn black on the bottom. Why not take the Kardashian copying thing all the way and wear some leather pants? That would've looked great on her. A high-waisted pencil skirt and a sexy heel could've worked, too.

The most un-Kim like thing about the whole ensemble, though, is Catherine's handful of SWAG. I don't know if she's carrying a box that holds some fancy watch, or if they're headphones, or what ... but it's rare to see a celeb photographed with a party favor. I'm sure Kris Jenner would think that was so uncool.

Catherine will be invited to plenty more hot parties -- will she go sheer to all of them? Only time will tell.

What do you think of Catherine's outfit?


Photo via Splash News

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