'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' GIANT Leopard Tattoo Is Better Than Snooki's (PHOTOS)

jenelle and snooki

If you ask Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and Jersey Shore star Snooki, leopard tattoos are so hot right now. Both young mothers and reality show stars have inked nature's greatest prowler on their bodies -- Jenelle's takes up the better part of her thigh, and Snooki's is on her shoulder.

Before Jenelle's is covered up in an orange jumpsuit for the rest of the summer (her heroin possession and simple assault trial is coming up), let's take a look at these two leopards and decide who wears it better.


jenelle evans

Is the leopard running so fast his spots are falling off? You tell me.


Is Snooki's leopard something out of a Tudor castle, or her imagination?

I have to admit, I'm surprised that I don't hate either of them. Jenelle's is pretty badass, and Snooki's is rather cute. Also, they're both easily covered. All Jenelle has to do is wear pants and all Snooki has to do is wear a shirt with a sleeve and poof: Leopard is gone.

Both ladies are looking pretty good, but I gotta hand this one to Jenelle. That is a leopard tattoo to end all leopard tattoos.

Which do you like better?

Photos via snookinic/Instagram; jevans8209/Instagram, pbandjenelley1/Twitter

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